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American Vision & Values

As homeschool parents, we treasure the freedom and responsibility we have to raise our children to become mature, responsible adults who value our American way of life and actively defend it.

We realize that it’s important for our values to be reinforced by the college or university our students attend. One university that can be counted on to support and teach the values we hold dear is Bellevue University. Bellevue University’s mission is to instill the confidence students need to “take control of their lives and be responsible citizens.” Central to this mission is teaching “the value of a free market economy and the importance of preserving our American heritage of a democratic and free way of life.”

To live out the mission, Bellevue University’s Center for American Vision and Values is dedicated to contributing to the next generation of American citizenry and leadership through lectures, volunteer projects, and a 3-course series. The series of courses, called the Kirkpatrick Signature Series, is required for every bachelor’s degree student at the University. The courses are American Vision and Values, Tradition and Change, and Freedom and Responsibility.

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