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College Options & Decisions

Today, a bachelor’s degree is considered as commonplace and necessary to career options as a high school diploma used to be. According to Dr. Mike Echols, author of Your Future is Calling, in the last two decades the number of jobs available to you is directly related to your education level. The number of jobs for bachelor’s degree holders has increased over that time by 82%, while the number of jobs for high school graduates only has declined by 14%.

While a college degree doesn’t guarantee a good paying job, it does open up career options. However, today’s higher education experience and the cost associated with it, has a lot of parents questioning the value of a college degree.

A recent report from U.S. News indicates that a large majority of college freshmen are unprepared for college work. “Of the 1.8 million high school graduates who took the ACT in 2013, only 26% reached the college readiness benchmarks in all four subjects.”

The benefit of homeschool is that it is student-centered. Your children can learn at their own pace. And when they are ready for college, they can begin. Take at look at the Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage to learn about free tools to see if your student is ready.

This section provides some background about preparing your children for college, considering other options and choosing the right college for your children.

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