Kimberly Fletcher, Derek Fletcher, Mona Lisa Harding, Tricia Croushorn, Rachael Chappell, Kip Harding

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  • Life Skills for Kids: Equipping Your Child for the Real World by Christine Field
  • What Every Child Should Know Along the Way by Gail Martin

Equipping Your Child for the Real World

Equipping your child for the real world is something that starts the moment our children begin to crawl. We teach them hot and cold; right and wrong; good and bad. These simple lessons are the beginning of setting a foundation that will prepare them for a future on their own. “What kind of adult will they be?” “What career will they choose?” “Will they be able to provide for their families?” These are all questions that go through our heads as parents – which leads to an even more important question: “How do we prepare them?”

No one knows all the right answers for you and each of your children. Our hope is that these videos, links and resources will help you as you consider what you can do to prepare your children for the future and successfully equip them for the real world.

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