Kimberly Fletcher

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Free College Readiness Assessment

Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage is your free personal and private gauge of your student's readiness for college. Best of all, if your child isn't there yet, you get free skills building materials to know what you need to help them get ready.

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How Do I Know When They’re Ready?

Since homeschool is about understanding when your children are emotionally and intellectually ready for college — not their age — it’s important to have a way to understand when they’re ready.

We like Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage because it offers a series of college readiness assessments in the critical subjects of English, math, and writing. And it’s FREE for homeschoolers. These are the same assessments used by the U.S. military with their enlisted personnel.

An added benefit is that, if the assessment shows that your child is not ready, it gives a series of assignments and tips you can use to prepare him or her.

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