Meet the Mentor Team

Each of these mentor moms has been homeschooling for more than 10 years. Each has experienced the challenges, doubts, and concerns that every mom has when she embarks on the homeschool journey. Each has also experienced the triumphs and joys that come from seeing children learn and succeed. They have chosen to share their experiences with you to support you in your homeschool journey.

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Mentor Mom Rachael Chappell

Rachael Chappell

Rachael and her husband, Seth, live in Omaha, Nebraska. They homeschool their family of 7 children, five boys and two girls, ranging from infant to age 12. Besides homeschooling her seven children, Rachael serves on the board of a local homeschool organization, which plans and promotes an annual, regional homeschool conference and has organized and manages a local homeschool co-op.

Mentor Mom Tricia Crouchorn

Tricia Crouchorn

Tricia and her husband, Mike, are currently empty nesters, having homeschooled their three children through adulthood. Tricia is such a strong homeschool advocate she devotes much of her time now to supporting other homeschool families. She currently serves on the board of Omaha Home Education Network, is a parent advisor for Homeschool Yearbook and a Graduation coordinator for the city’s annual Homeschool graduation ceremony. Tricia frequently is asked to present seminars about Homeschool in High School.

Mentor Mom Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly Fletcher

Kimberly is an author, columnist, public speaker and has more than 12 years’ experience in grassroots activism. A strong advocate and innovator for homeschooling, she and her husband, Derek, have eight children, all of whom have been homeschooled. She and her family live in Bellevue, Nebraska, where Derek is currently stationed with the United States Air Force.

Mentor Mom Mona Lisa Harding

Mona Lisa Harding

Mona Lisa and her husband, Kip are authors of The Brainy Bunch, a book about their experiences in raising a family of ten children that have followed their interests and passions leading to college by age 12.  The book has been embraced by the homeschool community and many others as a practical and positive guide to parenting and education strategies.