Other post-secondary options

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The Best Education Decision starts with a Good Career Decision

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Other Post-secondary Options

You may decide that college isn’t right for your child, at least not right now. Fortunately there are many other options available to further your child’s love of learning and growth into a fulfilled adult.

One option during or following high school is a job. Whether full- or part- time, having a job provides a lot of learning opportunities for our children and helps them develop valuable life skills. Having a job can also open their eyes to more career opportunities. They may decide that college is important after all, or they may decide to start a business. Regardless of future decisions, working is a great way to experience the confidence that comes from being able to provide for oneself, and also learning the value of money, budgeting and many important work skills.
There are many opportunities in the trades – from electrician to computer maintenance. Even if your child ultimately decides to go to college, basic trade skills are very useful. Auto care, basic home maintenance and economics, lawn and landscaping and many others provide valuable knowledge bases. Each state has its own requirements on age and other requirements for trade apprenticeships, but age 16 is the most common. Perhaps a good place to start is talking to someone in a trade your child is interested in exploring. Another excellent resource is O*Net – a valuable database of career and jobs options, along with current demand for those occupations and the skills and education required to enter them.
Military service is a great option following high school graduation. It not only is an opportunity to serve our country, it is a great way to learn valuable skills and earn money for college through GI Bill education benefits. Homeschool students will need to provide documentation of academic progress through a transcript or similar record. If military service appeals to your son or daughter, the best idea is to start with a local recruiter in the branch of service desired to determine specific requirements for documentation.

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