Portfolios and Tracking Progress

Tracking progress is an important part of your child’s high school experience. Once they are ready to start a high school level course or activity, you will need to have a plan on how you will track their progress. Portfolios are a great way to do this.

Portfolios are simply a record of your child’s activities and performance on key assignments. For instance, if they play an instrument or sport, you can record that in their portfolio. Include pictures or programs of their performances or sports events. You can keep track of the books they’ve read, papers they’ve written, reports they’ve researched, etc. A portfolio can be a notebook or a file on the computer. It is kind of like a journal of their academic and enrichment achievements. It is a record that you can pull out if someone asks “what has your child done?” But even if no one ever asks, it is a great memory you and your kids can look back on. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas on compiling portfolios.
Another way to track your child’s progress is with a simple academic record. An academic record is simply a document you use to keep track of classes, activities, and coursework. It is not a like a portfolio that includes pictures and memorabilia, it is more of a spreadsheet where you can track the books they read, the subjects they cover, assignments they complete, etc. You can use this information to create report cards for your kids if you decide to do that in your homeschool. It is also invaluable when creating transcripts.
If you are planning on dual enrollment for your child, a transcript most probably will not be necessary to complete college. However, if they are planning to join the military or transfer to a university, it is a good to have one. It is also nice to just have in your records, especially if you have more than one child, which most families do. It will help you keep track of which child completed. It’s easy to forget who did what if you don’t keep some kind of record.

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