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Skills Tracks – What Your Child Needs to Know

Not everyone is born to be an engineer, any more than every child is born to be a concert pianist. But if you want to go to college, regardless of what you want to do or be, there are some things you have to know. Even if you aren’t planning on college, there are basic skills and knowledge you need simply to succeed in life — no matter what path you choose.

HomeMakers for America has developed a list of Benchmarks through the Hearthstone Education Plan to help guide and mark your children’s progress as they achieve important skills and knowledge.

The Hearthstone Plan is heart-based, student-centered and parent-guided. The Hearthstone benchmark lists are completely unique. They are divided by subject to allow for the uniqueness of each child, and instead of listing skill sets by grade, we provide a list of skills to be achieved within three phases of learning, giving parents a great amount of flexibility when choosing curriculum and assessing each child’s progress. They can move in each subject at their own pace with no fear of ridicule or feeling like they’re behind.

The Hearthstone Benchmarks provide flexibility for all learning styles and allow your children to find and follow their own heart no matter what homeschool method you use or what curriculum you choose.

You can download a copy of the Quick Reference Guide for the Hearthstone Benchmark lists. A more detailed list of skills resources can be accessed at

Another resource to help identify and measure benchmarks is your state’s Board of Education (BOE) website. Each state BOE website has a section that lists the state standards by grade.

Finally, a great reference resource is a series of books by author E.D. Hirsch, titled What My Child Needs to Know. He also has a great book to help promote cultural literacy in our children. Cultural Literacy is a phrase coined by E.D. Hirsch referring to the ability to understand and participate fluently in our culture. His book The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know is an excellent resource to help acquaint our children with people, events, and expressions that are relevant to our culture.

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