Smart DegreeTM Homeschool Advantage

Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage is a package of Free Tools and Resources created by Bellevue University exclusively for Homeschool families. Beyond access to Bellevue University’s robust student support services, Smart Degree™ also includes three valuable and personalized career and college readiness tools:

  1. Help your child make good career decisions
    Part of Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage is a free Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) — which simply examines your child’s interests, strengths, and abilities — and recommends career options based on those. It’s a great starting point for discussions with your family about next steps.
  2. Gauge your child’s readiness for college-level work
    Another valuable part of Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage are College Placement Skills Training tests. They show you current progress in English, math, and writing — essential skills for college — and also give you a series of exercises you can do to enhance skills.
  3. College credit for what you already know
    If your student is already well versed in a particular college subject, there are ways he or she can earn college credit for that subject without having to sit through — or pay for — a college class. They are CLEP and DSST exams — for-credit exams that you can take and earn college credit with a passing grade. Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage includes FREE test prep guides for CLEP and DSST exams.

This set of personal and confidential tools help you give your student the direction and support needed to move from high school to fulfilled career.

And it’s FREE to homeschool families.

To access Smart Degree™ Homeschool Advantage tools now, click here. You will be sent a link and a passcode via email giving you access to the site where you can open your free account and take full advantage of these resources.

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