Why We Homeschool

There are many reasons why families decide to homeschool. Parents have become increasingly concerned about public education, including a decline in quality, lack of individual attention, bullying and violence and the absence of values their family cares about.

For these reasons, the number of homeschooling families in America has increased dramatically over the last decade. If you are one of these families, you likely have many questions running through your head. “Where do I start?” “Am I qualified?” “Can I really do it?” “How can I make sure this is the best decision for my children?”

These are the same questions every mom and dad ask when considering homeschool. They are the same questions we asked when we started our homeschool journey. That’s why we put this website together – to help answer your questions and give you the confidence you need to start your homeschool journey.

We hope the following links and videos help you as you consider this important decision that will lead to a whole new exciting world of learning…and the adventure of a lifetime!

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